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We Have A New Executive Director!

Newly hired Executive Director will help us grow in the community to support our mission.

NAMI Pasco County FL, Inc. is ecstatic to announce we have a new Executive Director. On August 15th, Debbie L. Proulx joined our team as our first Executive Director in NAMI Pasco’s history. As Executive Director, Mrs. Proulx will provide leadership and support to the management of all programs and activities. She will help us to expand our role in the community to better promote recovery, aid caregivers, increase public awareness and understanding; all to eradicate mental health stigma and propagate improved services and research for those affected by mental health conditions.

Debbie L. Proulx
Executive Director

Mrs. Proulx comes to us with extensive knowledge of nonprofits, with expertise in fundraising and marketing. She has spent twenty years in the nonprofit sector as both a professional and a volunteer. She says, “My heart has always been in nonprofit for the good they do and the joyfulness they spread. They fill voids in not only service gaps, but in the hearts of those that they serve and who serve them. What’s not to love?”

Mrs. Proulx herself has C-PTSD and knows first hand the struggles that come along with a mental health diagnosis. She says “One of the hardest things about having my diagnosis is that people think it’s just something you can wish or pray away. Sure that helps once I realize I am having an issue, but the startling and the flashbacks come on so quickly that I often don’t have time to even try prayer before I have reacted by jumping or gasping. However, that does not make me less than or less capable than anyone else. One of my goals, as Executive Director of NAMI Pasco, is to help to end the stigma that comes along with a mental health diagnosis.”

Over the next year, Mrs. Proulx plans to expand the services that NAMI Pasco has to offer, increase community support, and give those with mental illness in the community a stronger voice. Mrs. Proulx encourages community leaders and businesses to reach out to her to form partnerships to help the community and further NAMI Pasco’s mission. She also invites those with mental health issues and their loved ones to reach out with their questions, ideas, and suggestions for making Pasco County a stigma-free area that fills all of the mental health needs of its community.

Mrs. Proulx can be contacted at

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