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Meet Our Team



Debbie L Proulx, Executive Director


Debbie came to NAMI Pasco this summer. She said that she is passionate about NAMI Pasco because she sees the good they can do for the community. She is especially passionate about helping to end the stigma associated with law enforcement officers and mental health conditions. She wants to help make sure that anyone who needs support can get it regardless of their profession.

An interesting fact about Debbie is that she is the biological mother of 5 and the bonus mother to many who have lived within her house. She stated, “everything that I do, I do with being a role model

to them in mind”.

Her favorite color is navy, but she says orange has a special place in her heart because she has a son obsessed with it.


Stephanie Centella, President

Stephanie has been with NAMI Pasco for a short time now. She is passionate about NAMI Pasco because she has family and clients with mental health issues that she feels NAMI Pasco is a wonderful resource for.

An interesting fact about Stephanie is that she is a mother of 4 and has 7 grandchildren. She loves helping families stay healthy.

Her favorite color is turquoise.


                                                                                                                                                                                                            Loni Aurbeck, Vice President 

Loni has been with NAMI Pasco for about a year. Here’s what she had to say about her passion for NAMI Pasco, “I am passionate about NAMI because I work with the homeless population (at Metropolitan Ministries) and feel there are not enough resources to assist with mental health needs. I also have personal reasons for wanting to bring mental health awareness. My college roommate diedby suicide when we were 21 years of age. I wish mental health was more at the forefront at that time, she wouldn’t have had to suffer in silence.”

A fun fact about Loni is that she graduated high school in Italy. Her father was in the air force which allowed her to travel to many exciting places, including Guam.

Her favorite color is green.



Meghan Shattuck, Secretary

Meghan has been with NAMI Pasco since February of 2016. When asked about her passion for NAMI Pasco she had this to say, “I have been a mental health advocate for the last 18 years and continue to strive to eliminate stigma. My family has been touched by mental illness and I have a passion to educate not just them but others on the effects of mental illness and debunk stereotypes or myths related to those who experience mental illness. I also work closely with Pasco Sheriff to assist with the Crisis Intervention Team trainings in an effort to improve the relationship between law enforcement and those affected by mental illness.”

A fun fact about Meghan is she’s from New Jersey; loves the beach, Van Goh, Bruce Springsteen, and Dr. Who.

Her favorite color is blue.


                                                                  Dave Braken, Director                                                           

Dave joined NAMI Pasco in 2018 after his son was Baker Acted. Dave has this to say about his passion for NAMI Pasco “ As we watched the ambulance pull away my wife and I looked at each other and had no idea what to do next.  Who to turn to for help, how to find solutions, how to help him and to get help for our family. My NAMI board focus is to do what I can to make sure another family does not have that helpless feeling or to make it easier to find answers to that call for help.”

A fun fact about Dave is that he does Ironman Triathlons.

His favorite color is red.



Cristine Pringle, LMHC, MCAP, Director

Christine is a new NAMI Pasco member who brings lots of passion to our board. When asked why she is passionate about NAMI Pasco this is what she had to say, “I am passionate about NAMI for so many different reasons but some of the areas I would like to highlight are the community partnerships NAMI builds, the empowering and strengths-based approach to service provision, the continuum of services to all community members, the foundation and continued growth based on community need and an overall mantra that “everyone has the potential for greatness.”  NAMI allows to fill gaps in much needed services within the community through a humanistic approach of volunteerism, peer specialists and empathy to destigmatize and educate on mental health.  NAMI not only changes lives but gives individuals the ability to change their own lives and the lives of those around them.”

A fun fact about Christine is that she loves to refurbish furniture and power wash.

Her favorite color is gray.







Lucy Miller, Director

Lucy is a brand new NAMI Pasco member. Here’s what she had to say about her passion for NAMI Pasco, “Addiction deeply impacts the physical and mental health of countless individuals, robbing them of the potential for a happy, purposeful life. Understanding that mental illness fuels addiction, I want to support solutions that inspire help and hope — especially PHSC students struggling with addiction issues.”

A fun fact about Lucy is that she is an amateur photographer.




Ken Delaney, Director

Ken has been with NAMI Pasco for seven years now. When asked why he was passionate about NAMI Pasco he said because he himself is a consumer along with several family members. He said he loves that NAMI Pasco says it’s alright to have a brain illness. He said we are his place to go to know he is not alone. To him, he says NAMI Pasco is part of his medicine. He said the thing he loves the most about NAMI Pasco is that it is helping to wipe out the stigma associated with mental illness.

A fun fact about Ken is that he used to play semipro baseball with the Levitown Giants and he plays the drums.

His favorite color is purple.



Elaine Sabra, Director


Elaine is brand new to NAMI Pasco. She has a loved one with mental health conditions. She says that she is passionate about NAMI Pasco because she believes society needs to be educated on mental health conditions in order to reduce the stigma associated with them.

A fun fact about Elaine is that she used to be a children’s magician.


Her favorite color is hot pink.


Sylvia Escala-DeRosa, Director

Sylvia is a brand new board member for NAMI Pasco, She passionate about NAMI Pasco because “They  EDUCATE, and are the VOICE, of those who are suffering with a mental health disability but most of all they bring HOPE to ALL.”

A fun fact about Sylvia is that she answered the call for military service at 38.

Her favorite color is white.






Staff and Volunteers to be added shortly.