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Let’s Galvanize and Reassure: Tell Your Story!

Open the newspaper. Or surf to any TV news station. On any given day you can hear about someone suffering with a mental illness. But the stories and histories of people living with brain disorders, and their families and caretakers, go deeper than sensationalized news. Within the struggle sometimes comes encouragement and victory. Those triumphs are the result of people awakened enough to properly support a person living with a mental illness. A person who then becomes well, independent, and leads a life of contribution to the world around him or her.

NAMI Pasco Wants to Bolster Hope for the People We Serve

So tell your story and help inspire others! Let’s do our part to educate people who don’t understand that mental illnesses are not all one thing. That such illnesses can and do respond to treatment, the same way diabetes or heart disease responds. Let’s help break the silence and shift misconceptions with important storytelling and hope .



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