Psychological Trauma

01_Sailors_open_an_American_flag_before_a_Naval_Support_Activity_Souda_Bay_Memorial_Day_event_1_If you’ve experienced mental and/or physical trauma during your military service and received help enabling you to recover, your experience could be invaluable to those vets still suffering. Please consider no-cost training through NAMI Pasco to become a facilitator for a Veterans Support Group. With a minimum number of trainees we can schedule a training session. For more information contact NAMI Pasco at (727) 992-9653.

brainIn the in-between time, NAMI Pasco welcomes veterans their families to our general support groups called (1) Connection Recovery Support Groups for people living with psychiatric conditions and (2) Family Support Groups for family members and caregivers coping with the effects of living with people who have psychiatric diagnoses or symptoms. You can find information about these groups on our “Classes” drop down menu and calendar.

For information on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury symptoms and Nami Pasco would like to invite the families of our veterans who’ve suffered from psychological trauma during their deployment to join us: We have a newly forming support group, as well as special education class. In these settings you can meet with other military families dealing with trauma and related issues to gain insight and support.

what-is-ptsdtreatment, as well as other resources for veterans, click on the national link to the NAMI Veterans Resource Center.