Free Monthly Education


Our Chair of Education…

Got an offer she couldn’t refuse for the perfect job! That means we’re looking for a new volunteer to manage our Monthly Education Events. If you’re interested, or know of anyone who is, we’re all ears! Give us a ring at 727.992.9653

Here’s what the job description looks like: The first Monday of every month NAMI Pasco’s Chair of Education collaborates with community
stakeholders as part of our advocacy efforts to design meaningful, relevant presentations on topics of interest surrounding mental health, recovery, coping skills, research updates, and much more in and around the field of mental health awareness and behavioral health.

We hope to offer presentations in order to bring useful topics and key resources to people in our immediate communities who need them most. All education meetings are free and open to the public.

NAMI Pasco Education Meetings Archive:


 Education Meeting September 2015 NAMI Pasco
 Education Meeting August 2015 NAMI Pasco
 Education Meeting July 2015 NAMI Pasco
 Education Meeting June 2015 NAMI Pasco
Education Meeting May 2015 NAMI Pasco  
Education Meeting April 2015 NAMI Pasco
Education Meeting March 2015 NAMI Pasco 
Education Meeting February 2015 NAMI Pasco
Education Meeting January 2015 NAMI Pasco


Education Meeting November 2014 NAMI Pasco
Education Meeting August-2014 NAMI Pasco
Education Meeting July 2014 NAMI Pasco
Education Meeetings_2ndQtr_2014 NAMI Pasco
Education Meetings_1stQtr_2014 NAMI Pasco
Education Meeting January 2014 NAMI Pasco